Newdorf Legal Lends Expertise To Bar Publication

August 27th, 2008

David Newdorf served as an attorney consultant for the latest edition of California Civil Writ Practice (4th Edition), published in the summer of 2008 by Continuing Education of the Bar. As a consultant, Mr. Newdorf lent his experience as a government litigator in commenting on the manuscript before publication. Writ proceedings are specialized procedures for challenging government administrative and quasi-judicial decisions or interim orders issued in the trial courts.

The expanded, two-volume new edition covers civil writ proceedings in the superior court and includes completely reorganized and rewritten coverage of civil writ practice in the appellate courts, including the California Supreme Court. It includes two chapters of exemplar forms drafted by expert practicing attorneys and a chart of the appropriate method of appellate review for common court orders. The treatise is organized and written to provide practical information, advice and tips to assist lawyers in deciding whether to file a writ petition, to know how to prepare one correctly, and advice on opposing a writ petition.

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