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David Newdorf successfully defended numerous California businesses and public entities in high-stakes litigation. 

“David Newdorf’s tireless advocacy made the difference and saved taxpayers millions of dollars,” said Aaron Peskin, president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.


David Newdorf has obtained exceptional results in jury and bench trials, arbitrations, mediations, and appeals. The key to success, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, is experience, preparation and clear communication with the client. 

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Newdorf Legal helps clients in the technology, banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, consumer products, government contracts, and public sectors. David Newdorf has the industry knowledge and experience to help you with your most challenging legal problems.

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Newdorf Legal works closely with client representatives to assure a clear understanding of the client’s goals and needs. Client decision-makers are involved in the representation to the maximum extent possible at every phase.


David Newdorf is experienced with difficult and sensitive cases. One example reported in the press: The plaintiff’s “story was stomach turning,” The Recorder reported. But in his closing argument, Mr. Newdorf depicted plaintiff’s “witness as untrustworthy and his story as preposterous…. [T]he jury sided with the defense two days later.” The Recorder (March 7, 2005).

Learn more about Blessed Marvelous Herve v. City and County of San Francisco under Solution for Damaging Adverse Witnesses.


Many cases are more effectively and efficiently handled by a single experienced lawyer overseeing every aspect of the work. Newdorf Legal uses the latest technology to deliver services efficiently and effectively. The firm leverages resources by tapping client knowledge and human capital when possible.


David Newdorf is recognized as a zealous advocate for his clients. His representation was “dogged and inspired,” said the Society of Professional Journalists (Feb. 4, 2000). “Newdorf was able to overcome a series of procedural maneuvers by the state attorney general’s office.” The Recorder (Feb. 15, 2000). Mr. Newdorf’s success in a pro bono First Amendment case led one newspaper to remark: “David Newdorf is no typical lawyer.” San Francisco Bay Guardian (March 22, 2000).


Newdorf Legal is the go-to small firm for big problems. When business executives and public officials face complex legal challenges in Northern California, they turn to David Newdorf for advice and representation.

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When choosing a lawyer, look beyond the firm name. Some clients pay a premium for a large law firm based on reputation. But not every case requires a large number of lawyers and paralegals. Moreover, the reputation of many large firms is based on lawyers who have long since retired. The experience and know-how of the lawyer handling your matter today is what counts.

Track Record.

With a background in journalism, a large international law firm and government, David Newdorf has top-tier credentials. His firm is an alternative to the traditional large law firm for your litigation needs.

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